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DSPL9 EBSA Support Package

Following the Emotionally Based School Absence guidance that was produced by the Education Psychology Service (EPS) in March 2021 and the focus of this area across Hertfordshire, the DSPL 9 SEND Review Group have made EBSA the priority this year.  They have worked with a wider audience of stakeholders to consider how as a DSPL we can support schools, Children and Young People (CYP) and parents in enabling and empowering CYP to move back into the schools and classrooms with limited emotional barriers and the tools, support network and confidence to access learning, friendships and school life.


This document and support package is available to all mainstream primary and secondary aged children and young people who are experiencing Emotional Based School Absence (EBSA). West Sussex County Council (2022) state that Emotional Based School Absence (EBSA) is a broad umbrella term used to describe a group of children and young people who have severe difficulty in attending school due to emotional factors, often resulting in prolonged absences from school.  The impact of EBSA on young people and schools is far reaching.  Outcomes for young people who display EBSA include poor academic attainment, reduced social opportunities and limited employment opportunities.   EBSA is also associated with poor adult mental health.


Tier 3 (Solution Circle) dates

Bookings are essential and should be made via

Date Age Phase Time
Monday 4th March Primary 12.30 -2pm
  Secondary 2.30 -4pm
Monday 25th March Primary 12.30 -2pm
  Secondary 2.30 -4pm
Monday 29th April Primary 12.30 -2pm
  Secondary 2.30 -4pm
Monday 20th May Primary 12.30 -2pm
  Secondary 2.30 -4pm
Monday 10th June Primary 12.30 -2pm
  Secondary 2.30 -4pm
Tier 4 (Specialist Support) Panel dates
Date of Panel Deadline for applications

Monday 16th October 2023 10am

2nd October 2023

Monday 29th January 2024 10am

15th January 2024

Please see the DSPL9 EBSA Support Package guidance document below for full details of support available at all tiers, along with required forms.